Friday, November 20, 2009

Friday Excursion

Stephanie and I had two missions today -- to have chicken sandwiches at KFC, and to get close to the Presidents Mosque. It was about an hour walk to the KFC. What a madhouse! Everybody was screaming like the trading pit on Wall Street with their little pieces of paper - pushing and shoving to get their buckets (okay, there were no buckets) of Kentucky Fried Chicken. I'm certain that almost everybody who came after us were served first, which only made me more determined to get better at Arabic: without the ability to cajole and scream at the server, we could only sit there and wait respectfully, calmly. It was Stephanie's first experience of KFC chicken, in Sana'a!

After KFC, it was a short walk to the mosque. Photos follow:

After checking out the mosque, we headed home down one of Sana'a's main drags: Haddah Street. Stephanie was interested in possibly getting a couple pet fish in the future, but was more interested in the Yemeni use of the English prepostion "for." Everything is for, such as the "Paris for French" bakery, the "Al-Hamza for Exchange," or -- and this was Stephanie's favorite to date -- "Penguins for Ice Cream" ice cream shop...
The following is another camera-video. This time of the Saleh Mosque. If you crank up the volume, you can hear the call to prayer which we caught as we were just getting ready to turn around and head home.

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