Friday, September 23, 2011

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Foundation for the Protection of the Arabian Leopard in Yemen - Success!

As Stephanie first noted on our blog here, the Foundation for the Protection of the Arabian Leopard in Yemen (FPALY) has been running a funding drive via Kickstarter this month. If you gave, I'll bet you received the email reproduced below from David Stanton, FPALY's Executive Director.

But just because FPLAY met their minimum goal doesn't mean that advocacy for this funding drive needs to stop. As David mentions, there are other projects moving forward that he would like to pursue, and there are administrative costs to running the FPALY office. Please continue to give right up to 11:59PM on September 30th!

FPALY's Kickstater webpage is located here. Thanks to everyone who found FPALY here and gave!

Dear Night Watch Backers

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Yemen needs more from allies than status quo

A great National editorial today:

The money quote: "Short-sighted security goals may play well with American voters, but they get Yemenis nowhere." The fact is that American voters are largely unaware of what is happening in Yemen. If they knew, it wouldn't sit well with them either.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Is Anybody Listening?!?!

Marc Lynch has just published an article in Foreign Policy called "The Costs of Ignoring Yemen." Sadly, I think the USG will continue to ignore Yemen, as the costs incurred by the current administration are negligible.

Today, Sana'a International Airport was closed for the first time since demonstrations began early in the year. Yesterday, Yemeni security forces opened fire on peaceful protesters with anti-aircraft weaponry.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Support FPALY's Nightwatch Project

David Stanton and the Foundation for the Protection of the Yemeni Leopard are fundraising to establish a nightwatch project in Amran. David says, "Following our success in eastern Yemen we plan on using camera traps to establish the existence of leopard populations in other parts of Yemen. This project will focus on Wada'a, Amran, a tribal area to the north of Yemen's capital Sana'a where we have good reason to believe that the Arabian leopard still roams... $15,000 will enable us to purchase 10 high output trail cameras with security cases, batteries and charger, a GPS, netbook, external backup drive, and solar charging panels and provide Ibrahim and his assistant with all the support that they will need to keep this project going for a full year." Show your support and pledge today! FPALY needs to raise $15,000 by September 30, to secure funding for the project. Pledges start at $1 - any and all amounts are appreciated!