Thursday, January 14, 2010

Dar al-Hajjar

This past Thursday, Dan and I went with several students on a trip to Dar al-Hajjar. This is where Imam Yahya had his summer palace. Before we got there, we stopped at a high point over-looking Dar al-Hajjar.
Here's me on a cliff over-looking Dar al-Hajjah!
That high structure on the cliff in the center of picture is the Imam's Palace.
Here is Tommy (a new British student from Harvard), Brian (the college's Arabic Language Program Officer and Student Affairs Coordinator), and Ben (a student, he's Australian).
Here's Dan on the cliff!
More scenery.
Spectacular Yemeni mountain terrain.
Me again!
Scenery to the right of where we were standing.
Looking straight out.
We're here! A short drive after the looking point we arrived at Dar al-Hajjar. Here's a couple shots from the ground looking up.
From this angle, the palace looks small. But when you come around the corner, you'll see how much bigger it is. It was built on top of a prehistoric dwelling in the 1930s for the Imam.
To the left of the palace, on the grounds.
The former Imam's Palace.
Looking out from the grounds at Dar al-Hajjar.
Here is the palace from a side-view. Much bigger!
This is a cool looking cactus I made Dan take a photo of.
Looking up at the palace.
Here is a great shot of the whole palace from the back.
Here's Dan standing on a patio at the bottom of the palace.
These were some kids that had found their way to the top of a cliff and were waving down to us.
Here are some cool looking pots!
Inside the palace!
This is a shot from an upper level of the palace. It was an outside area that collected rainwater for doing laundry.
Here I am leaning on steps that lead up to a closet. The steps are retractable. Que cool!
Here is an ancient door.
Some more views of the area from up high.
Back at ground level.
Here is everyone getting back on the bus to head home.

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